Within Range

A view of Aoraki from the riverbed of the glacial river
Aoraki residing over its domain.
A dad and son walk across a swing bridge.
Over the bridges.
A dad and his child walk through tussock grass.
Towards the hut as the afternoon sun dipped below Mt Sefton
Two adults and one childs pair of boots outside the red door of the Hooker Hut. A sign reads “Hooker Hut, Built 1910, Resoted 2021”
The Hooker Hut.
Hooker glacier lake with ice berg calved from the glacier.
Exploring the glacier lake.
A view of Aoraki with tussock in the foreground.
An afternoon in the shadow of Mt Sefton.



It’s longer stuff from PostingDad, the dad who posts.

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