Speak Up For What?

11 min readJun 27, 2021

Let’s imagine, for a minute, the worst possible outcome. That the anti-trans NZ lobby group Speak Up For Women achieve all of the ‘Projects’ they currently have listed on their website.

What does that world look like? Well, turns out, an awful lot like what the United Kingdom looks like.

First, let’s look at their six projects;

Prism Report

Let’s start with the Human Rights Commission PRISM report. Released in December last year, it was a specific report into the Human Rights of and discrimination against People of diverse sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, or sex characteristics (SOGIESC). It recommends the following six areas for improvement of the rights of, and life quality of, the SOGIESC community in Aotearoa — based on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Here’s a 7 page summary of it.

Speak Up For Women want the report retracted and rewritten with their specific involvement:

It is our opinion, — that this report has misrepresented New Zealand and international law so thoroughly that the only responsible course of action is to recall it and restart the work with a range of stakeholders who can do justice to the issues involved.

Children’s Rights In Education

In September 2020 the Ministry of Education released an update to Relationships and Sexuality Education: A guide for teachers, leaders and boards of trustees.

This updated the previous 2015 edition of the same document after the Education Review Office produced a 2018 report into Promoting Wellbeing Through Sexuality Education which recommended the following things to ensure that comprehensive sexuality education was provided to students and noted the lack of existing provisions for a range of groups including sex, gender, and sexuality diverse students;




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